Enable Bluetooth

Hardware Wallet device comes with the Bluetooth interface disabled by default.

If you would like to utilize the Bluetooth wireless communication capability of the device, you will need to enable it from the Settings page.

Select Bluetooth from the Settings page:

Press the Enable button on the Bluetooth Page:

Select Yes on the next page and Press OK to enable and move back to the home page:

Pair over Bluetooth

When ready to pair the hardware wallet with your Mobile or PC, go to Settings, click on the Pair button making sure Bluetooth has already been enabled.

When Bluetooth has already been enabled Pair button will be allowed to press. Press Pair to move to the page with pairing details.

Next, the screen will display the Bluetooth ID and Bluetooth Pairing PIN generated randomly. ( Pairing PIN is different from your device access PIN.)

Citadel Wallet device is now discoverable as a Bluetooth device under the ID provided and you will need to follow the bluetooth pairing steps of your Mobile for establishing a secure connection utilizing the pairing PIN provided.

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