GOTC Knight NFTs are digital collectibles which have many different utilities associated with the Citadel Wallet and the NFT project itself. These are very high quality AAA gaming characters, developed over 6 months from concept stage to 3D modeling and to finally VFX particle animation, meant to become very valuable collectibles. Here are some of the main utilities that come with GOTC:

  • NFT Knights come with 1-3 Citadel Hardware Wallets

  • Future product and services discounts

  • Voting Rights on future project decisions

  • Higher chance per Knight owned to mint in future drops conducted through lottery

  • Community Perks, Giveaways, Airdrops

  • Early access to future products

  • Get extra 10% Discount for Ice Knight by holding Ħ2C and Partner Project NFTs

  • NFTs come in Multi-files: .MP4, .JPEG and .GLB

  • Access to GameFi

More utilities are being planned in the future for these Knight NFTs and will be announced in official capacity when team decides it is the right time considering regulations and project evolution. More in the whitepaper coming soon...

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