More Features

More features supported on Hedera Network

Citadel Wallet will support other services available on Hedera network. Those services include Scheduled trasanctions, File Service, Consensus Service and Random Numbers.

What Other Services Does Hedera Support?

Hedera network supports many more services that are not available on other general public blockchain networks thanks to its revolutionary consensus algorithm: Hashgraph. Hashgraph is capable of providing fair consensus ordering and timestamping for all transactions that flow through the network with finality, which opens up possibilities never even thought of before:

- Hedera Consensus Service: Applications built on top of Hedera can utilize HCS to create an immutable log of data fairly ordered and timestamped data, which can be audited publicly.

- Scheduled Transactions Service allows users to submit a transaction to the network which will be executed at a later time. Example uses of the service include peer to peer trusted trading without smart contracts, setting up a validator appnet on top of Hedera for layer 2 privacy focused dapps, etc.

- Random Number Generation Service allows an applications in gaming, lottery or a random minting platform to request a publicly verifiable random number from Hedera network to increase trust and transparency of decentralized applications.

- File Service can be used to store smaller size important files which require public trust and Hedera's immutability.

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