Smart Contracts 2.0

Hedera EVM Compatible Smart Contracts

Citadel Wallet will support Hedera Smart Contracts, allowing users to securely sign contracts when interacting with Decentralized exchanges, launchpads or marketplaces built on Hedera. Developers will also be able to sign administrative type transactions such as create smart contract.

What are Smart Contracts 2.0

The Hedera Smart Contract Service is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, more than 10x faster than Ethereum Smart Contracts and fees are in the range of cents. Hedera’s Smart Contracts 2.0 supports native Hedera tokens and NFTs. Smart Contracts 2.0 are used in many traditional industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Supply Chain, Gaming etc to bring decentralization, trust, transparency and security to these Web 2 siloed systems.

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