Following steps show how to connect your hardware wallet with HashPack very first time, right after Initial Setup of the wallet. When pairing the hardware wallet with HashPack very first time you will also need to

Connect with USB Cable

Use the USB Cable provided or other standard USB type C cable to connect the Citadel Wallet with the your Desktop or Laptop PC.

On the PC side open your Google Chrome browser and you should see the WebUSB Citadel Wallet device automatically detected.

Add on HashPack

Open your HashPack wallet application and click add account:

Select "Connect Hardware Wallet" option:

Select Citadel Option from hardware wallets available:

Select "Create a new Wallet" from 2 option available.

Reminder: If the wallet has already been setup and account created with HashPack then "Import existing wallet" option can be used. In that case process of pairing is much faster because HashPack will automatically detect your Account ID on Hedera network and no more steps will be required in order to be ready to sign transactions.

Click on Connect Citadel button:

Select Connect USB Option

Separate window will pop up asking to select the interface of communication. Select USB in this case.

Select the Citadel Wallet WebUSB device

Google Chrome should've already detected the Citadel Wallet. After clicking "Connect USB" a window will pop up showing the device. Select it and click connect.

Share Public Key with HashPack

HashPack will request the Public Key from already initialized hardware wallet to be able to create an Account ID on Hedera network.

Select the Staking Node

During the first time pairing process HashPack also asks to select the Hedera Council Node you would like to stake your HBARs to. Simply select the node from options provided and move to the next step.

Reminder: Staked node can be changed after this process as well since Citadel Wallet supports Hedera native staking natively. So there is no need to worry about being stuck with a specific node if you change your mind in the future.

Account ID Created and Ready to Sign

After this last step HashPack will request an Account ID from Hedera network according to your hardware wallet public key. In a few moments wallet Account ID will be created and HashPack pairing completed. Now you can fund your newly created account with some HBAR to start using it.

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