Wallet Recover

Important Mnemonic Phrase Note

It is very important to record the Mnemonic Phrase generated during the Wallet Initial Setup on a recovery card provided in the Citadel Wallet package.

Store the Recovery Card somewhere really safe that only you know about.

!If the Hardware Wallet is broken or stolen and you don't have the Mnemonic Phrase you cannot recover your account and will loose all your assets.

Account Recovery Steps:

Power on Citadel Wallet

Press and hold the left button for at least 2 seconds to power on your new device.

This is the screen you will see when it boots up very first time:

Press Initial Setup and application will jump to next page!

Import a New Wallet

After selecting the Initial Setup, 2 options will be displayed:

Select the Import Wallet option to move to the next step.

Choose a Wallet Type

There are 2 Wallet types available on Citadel Wallet:

Touch select the option for a wallet you are importing.

Import Passphrase (!Advanced)

Next you will be given an opportunity to select a passphrase option. If your Mnemonic Words are Passphrase protected, select Yes. If not you can select No.

Create a New PIN

Input a 6 digit PIN on the touch pin pad displayed and press the enter touch button under 9.

Verify the new PIN by inputting it again on the next page.

Import the Mnemonic Phrase

Import every single word from your Recovery Phrase in order following the easy to use UI on the wallet.

For each word you will be prompted to select the first 3 letters if the word. Once the letters are selected word section on the page will filter down to few possible options to choose from.

Once the word is selected, OK button will pop up. Press OK to move to the next page to input the next word:

Import Passphrase (!Advanced and Optional)

If you had selected Yes for the Passphrase, You will next be prompted to input up to 12 letter passphrase in 2 pages. Each page will allow to import 6 letters and numbers.

On the first page, scroll each box until you have selected all 6 letters/numbers:

Once all 6 have been selected the Icon to press the OK button will pop up. Press and move to the next page:

Repeat the same steps for the rest of letters/numbers 7 through 12 and press the OK button:

Account Imported Successfully

When all the words in the Recovery Phrase have been imported, the corresponding account keys will be regenerated and stored in the Secure Element. Wallet is ready to pair and use.

In the following Power ONs, you will need to press the PIN a single time and will directly jump to the Home Page.

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