Citadel Wallet integrates two physical push buttons to control power and approve transaction functions. More information on each button can be found below:

Power Button:

The Power Button is responsible for turning the Citadel Wallet hardware on and off. When the device is completely off, the internal rechargeable battery is completely isolated from the electronics to prevent draining. To use the device, the user must press and hold the Power button for at least 2 seconds. Once the LCD backlight turns on, the button can be released and the device will boot up.

Approve Button:

To approve a transaction using the Citadel Wallet, a user must first read the transaction information displayed on the wallet's screen. The approval process can then be initiated by pressing and holding the Approve Button for a few seconds. This button is responsible for approving transactions that are submitted to the wallet by a software wallet or dApp connected via USB, BLE, or NFC interfaces. By following these steps, users can easily and securely process transactions through the Citadel Wallet.

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