Firmware Update

General Info About Firmware Update

Whenever new feature support is added or bug fixes have been made, a new firmware update will be available on our website for installation.

Firmware Update doesn't require recovery of the wallet since keys are securely stored in the Secure Element.

After firmware update, you cannot go back to the older version of the firmware.

To check if new version of the firmware is available go to website. Compare the latest version available on the website with the version installed on the hardware wallet Info section.

How to Perform the Update

Follow these steps to perform Firmware Update securely:

  1. Connect Citadel Wallet to your PC with a USB C cable

  2. Power On the wallet and enter your PIN for the USB port to show up on PC

  3. Open Google Chrome browser and go to

  4. On the website click on Connect button

  5. Hardware Wallet will ask you to approve the connection

  6. Once Connected, you will be prompted to click on Update

  7. Secure Update will take about 10 minutes

Firmware update will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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