Native Staking

Hedera PoS Network Native Staking

Citadel Wallet will support Hedera Native Staking. Special type of a transaction needs to be signed to be able to stake HBARs to Hedera network nodes and by storing your HBARs in Citadel Wallet you will be able to participate in native staking with a peace of mind.

What is Native Staking?

Hedera Native Staking is a process by which users can earn rewards for holding and staking Hedera's native cryptocurrency HBAR to the network. This allows users to participate in continued decentralization and help maintain the security and integrity of the Hedera network by staking their HBAR to Governing Council nodes they trust. Staked HBAR will be used to vote on governance decisions within the Hedera network.

Hedera Native Staking is unique in a way because there is no locking or slashing involved. Users can stake HBARs directly from their non-custodial account, receive daily rewards, while having their funds liquid and available at any time if needed.

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