NFT Collection

Guardians of the Citadel (GOTC) is a collection of 10,000 very high quality 3D animated Knight character NFTs which have many different utilities associated with Citadel Wallet and the NFT project itself. These are a very high quality AAA gaming characters, developed over 6 months from concept stage to 3D modeling and to finally VFX particle animation, meant to become very valuable collectibles.

GOTC is an exclusive NFT project built on Hedera that combines the best of both worlds in Web 3 and Web 2. It carries all the benefits of Web 3, such as the thrill of collecting digital artworks, building a community, bringing true ownership and web native identity, ease of transacting and trading value, access to marketplaces open 24/7 and so much more.

NFT Project is also built on a solid foundation of real-world utility provided by Citadel Wallet, such as producing and selling secure hardware wallets. The project operates on a self-sustaining business model, ensuring its longevity without depending on the success of an NFT project. This instills confidence in project participants that the Citadel Wallet team is committed to the long-term goal of providing secure hardware products to consumers, while also engaging and rewarding its loyal community members with additional perks and benefits through GOTC NFT project.

Initial drop of 2,292 Knights will be accompanied with the Citadel Wallet Pre-Orders and will be comprised of 5 distinct Knight characters:

  • Ice Knight - Quantity Minted 643

  • Fire Knight - Quantity Minted 373

  • Nature Knight - Quantity Minted 271

  • Golden Knight - Quantity Minted 245

  • Ocean Knight - Quantity Minted 760

  • More Knights in the Future - Quantity 200 and less per drop **

After initial drop of 2,292 NFTs which will be minted during Citadel Hardware Wallet Pre-Order round, rest of 7,708 Collectibles will be dropped in phases of lower rarities from 200 down to 50 per drop until all 10,000 have been distributed.

* Depending how many people have minted all 3 Knights + some Golden Knights will be distributed to community ambassadors.

** Future Knights will include themes such as Water, Storm, Gravity, Lightning, Platinum and more.

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