After following the steps to Initial Setup and Pair your Citadel Wallet with HashPack you are ready to sign Hedera network transactions.

Fund Your New Hedera Account

First make sure to note down the Account ID created by HashPack for your hardware wallet.

Hedera Account IDs have the following format: 0.0.xxxx

Before you can sign any transactions make sure to fund your new Account by sending some HBARs to it. All Hedera transactions require gas fees to be paid in HBAR.

Supported Hedera Transactions

  • HBAR Transfers

  • Token/NFT Association

  • Token/NFT transfer

  • Native Staking

  • Smart Contracts 2.0

  • Scheduled Transactions

More Hedera services support to come in the future.

HBAR Transfer Example

On HashPack click send, input the amount to send and the account to send to.

HashPack will communicate with the hardware wallet and hardware wallet will display the information about the transaction. If everything looks good on the Citadel Waller click Approve.

Once appoved, Citadel Wallet will sign the transaction and send back to HashPack.

HashPack will submit the transaction to Hedera and update the balance in the account.

Process is almost identical for other transaction types with only difference being the information about the transaction.

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